APP 18th Annual Conference and Exposition

Some of the previous posts have hinted at it already, but I am a stickler for safe piercings. The company was founded on it. So, I am a big supporter for the Association of Professional Piercers. In fact, someday in the near future I would like Pierced Edge to be a corporate sponsor. One way they cater to the piercing community is they have a Conference/Exposition solely for the piercing industry.

If you are in any way associated with the piercing industry and if time and circumstances allow, you should attend it. This year it will be held June 9-14 in Las Vegas. There is going to be a huge amount of information being shared here. Even if you thought about becoming a piercer, it is highly recommended you attend as they have classes that are set up for beginners.

If you are looking for more information, go here:

Form Versus Function in Piercings

Form vs Function

Function vs Form

It is one of those debates that transcends topic. For instance, car enthusiasts are always debating each other on whether form should be put ahead of function. Does the look mean more then how it affects performance.

Considering that, I thought it would be a nice debate to bring that same debate to piercings. Does a piercing or even to the extent of body modification as a whole take priority over how it affects the performance of the body.

Maybe that is a confusing statement. Let’s bring in some real world examples. Lately, it is started to become more common for plugs to be used in other places besides ears. I can recall seeing plugs in the cheeks as well as one being used under the lower lip. Are these piercings worth having? I can’t answer that. I have neither. But, the reason I don’t have them is because in my mind having holes that can only be closed by an object or major surgery to an area that needs to remain wet for a large variety of purposes could cause problems. Or even worse, I could start drooling out of those holes. Does that actually happen. I don’t know. Never bothered to research it.

Then you can get into the body modification seen. There is some pretty sweet stuff going on in that field. There is also some stuff that would seem to drastically alter body functions. The big one that I have seen a couple of times is the one where a good portion of the penis is cut off. That has got to alter some of the body function down there.

I am a function person. For whatever reason is, my mind tells me not to do anything that seriously alters function even if the form results in something unique. However, I am not one to be like “NO! That is wrong.” After all, form does serve its purpose in some regards. So what are your thoughts? Does Form mean all or does Function take a priority to form?

Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Choosing A Piercer and Piercing Shop

Piercing is a serious business with serious consequences. Therefore, it is important to choose a piercer and piercing shop that is not only qualified but also has the safety standards in place. Below is a list of guidelines to look for in your piercer and piercing shop.


You want to get a piercing done by an experienced professional. Piercing may seem easy but an amateur can cause serious harm. If you are getting a piercing done by an amateur, be sure they are being mentored or are in an apprenticeship.

All piercers should have a portfolio that you can look at. This kind of ties in the Experienced point. A portfolio will showcase the skills the piercer has and give you an idea if they can produce the results that you want.

Piercing Guns
If the studio or piercer uses a piercing gun it is advisable to avoid them. Piercing guns can not be sterilized properly and they can cause other damage. Some states have even illegalized piercing guns.

The studio should be tidy and clean. This shows that they care about cleanliness which will tell you that they will take the necessary steps to insure that the piercing process is performed in a “clean” manor.

Set Up
Their setup should be of a clean and sterile nature. They should wash their hands in front of you as well as bring out the sterile packaged instruments. If they don’t remove the instruments that they are going to use from their sterile packaging in front of you you should assume that those instruments are not sterile. The instruments should be in their own individual packaging. They should also change their gloves if they touch anything but you and the sterile tools.

Ideally, every piercing and tattoo studio should have their own autoclave. Typically, this should be a steam autoclave. If they say they have one, they should be willing to show you it along with spore testing results. Spore tests are done on a regular basis to insure that the autoclave is doing its job of sterilizing. However, sterilizers can be expensive and some studios may opt for using a sterilization service. In this case, they should be able to provide you with spore test results for these autoclaves as well.

They should inform you of aftercare instructions. If they don’t, they should and therefore should be avoided. After all, if proper after care is not used the piercing can reject, become infected, or even lead to worse problems.

The rest is up to you on if you should be going with the piercer and piercing shop your looking at using. Hopefully, your piercing will be a pleasurable experience with wonderful results.

Lip Piercings

Lip piercings are one of the most popular facial piercings. There are quite a few options when it comes to these piercings. However, most of these variations lead into the mouth and as such require special attention during the healing phases. Consider this your ultimate guide to lip piercings.

As health and safety should be top priority, we will go over what should be done for taking care of your new lip piercing. Lip piercings can very easily become infected. Lip piercings should be cleaned 2 to 3 times daily. The most common method of cleaning is to use a hot saline soak.  This is done at 3-5 minutes at a time. This helps loosen any discharge in the area. After one of these soaks, a shower should be taken mainly so that you clean the area more thoroughly with your clean hands to make sure the discharge is removed. You should also use the saline solution or a mouthwash like the h2ocean mouthwash. Speaking of h2ocean, they make a aftercare spray that can be used in place of the saline solution to help clean and promote healing of the piercing. Lip piercings can take 1-3 months to fully heal so taking the necessary steps of cleaning your piercing is essential during the entire period so it does not become infected.

There are some health risks involved with lip piercings. The most obvious is infection. This is true with all piercings. But, there are other things to look out for and if they start to appear, you should remove the piercing immediately. One is damage to your teeth. Our teeth have a protective coating on them to help protect them from decay among other things. Lip piercings can sometimes rub against your teeth and start to remove this protective layer. The best way to know for sure is to check with your dentist. Another problem that arise is damage to the gums. Gum erosion is potentially a very bad thing leading to even more health risks. Again, the best way to know if you are in the clear is check ups with your dentist.

Now that you know how to take care of your piercing, let’s talk about the different types of lip piercings. There are a lot of different piercings when it comes to the lips. There will probably new ones made up as time goes along as well. But, lets not worry about that now. Below is a list of lip piercings with an accompanying picture.

Standard Lip Piering

Standard Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing is done off center. Typically, this piercing is seen with a captive bead ring but can use a labret as well.

Monroe Piercing

Monroe Lip PiercingThis upper lip piercing is done on the left side. This piercing is named for Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark in the same spot. A labret is usually used for this piercing.

Madonna Piercing

Madonna Lip PiercingThis upper lip piercing is nearly identical to the Monroe piercing except for the fact that it is on the right side. A labret is usually used for this piercing.

Medusa Piercing

Medusa Lip PiercingThis upper lip piercing comes out above and center of the upper lip.  A labret is usually used for this piercing.

Center Lip/Labret Piercing

Center Labret Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing is placed in the center. This piercing is most commonly referred to as a labret piercing even though other piercings use the labret body jewelry.  That being said, this piercing usually uses a labret body jewelry piece.

Vertical Labret Piercing

Vertical Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing is very similar to the Labret piercing in that it is center. However, instead of the one end coming out inside the mouth, this piercing has it coming out center of the actual lip. A curve or a captive bead ring is usually used for this piercing.

Ashley Piercing

Ashley Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing is nearly identical to the vertical labret piercing. However, the vertical labret piercing as the lower portion coming out the front like a normal labret piercing while this one has that part coming out in the mouth so all that is visible is the part that comes out center on the lip. This piercing usually uses a curve.

Jestrum Piercing

Jestrum Lip PiercingThis is the upper lip variation of the vertical labret piercing. The one end appears as a medusa piercing while the other comes out center on the upper lip. This piercing usually uses a curve or a captive bead ring.

Dahlia Piercing

Dahlia Lip PiercingThis piercing is grimly named after an infamous murder and imitates the Glasgow Smile. The piercing is done near the corners of the mouth. A labret is usually used.

Snake Bites Piercing

Snake Bites Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing has one on each side of the mouth. This piercing usually uses labrets and captive bead rings.

Angel Bites Piercing

Angel Bites Lip PiercingThis upper lip piercing is identical to the snake bites piercing except taking place near the upper lip. And like the snake bites, this usually uses labrets.

Dolphin Bites Piercing

Dolphin Bites Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing is kind of like the snake bites piercing but the two piercing spots are almost center and as such pretty close to each other. This piercing usually uses labrets and captive bead rings.

Spider/Viper Bites Piercing

Spider Bites Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing is similar to the Dolphin Bites except being center they are located either right or left of center. This piercing usually uses labrets and captive bead rings.

Cyber Bites Piercing

Cyber Bites Lip PiercingThis piercing is a combination of the Medusa and Lower Lip/Labret piercing. So, there is one piercing center on the upper lip and one center on the lower lip. This piercing usually uses labrets.

Shark Bites Piercing

Shark Bites Lip PiercingThis lower lip piercing is the Spider/Viper bites X2. So, there are two piercings near each other on the left lower lip and then on the right on the lower lip. This piercings usually uses labrets and captive bead rings.

Canine Bites Piercing

Canine Bites Lip PiercingThis piercing is a combination of the angel and snake bites piercings. There is two piercings on the lower lip on the left and right side and then two piercings on the upper lip in the same position as the lower lip.

These are the common names for these piercings. Now, there are alternate names for some of these piercings but they tend to be rarely used. Also,  lip piercings can be endless in the variety and positions. So, you can potentially make your own style.

APP: Your Source For Piercing Information

While we at Pierced Edge will continue to provide information about piercings and the different types of body jewelry, there is one source that is pretty much the go to source if you need to know anything. That source is the APP, Association of Professional Piercers.

They have a wealth of information. You can get information on the piercing process, health risks associated with piercings, proper care, and anything really that you might need to know.

However, in my opinion, their most valuable information is their list of Professional Piercers. Their list consists of Profession Piercers that are members. To become a member, there are a variety of requirements that a piercer must meet. One of the most important, is the knowledge and use of health and safety standards. If you are looking for a piercer, you should really check their website at to find a local APP piercer.

Back of Leg Corset Piercing

While some may consider corset piercings only a novelty, I really like them.

This is one of them that I have come across. This back of leg corset is sometimes tattooed on rather then an actual set of piercings being used. Either way, I like it and hope you do as well.