Nose Piercings – Jewelry Used

The nose is one body part that can receive a variety of different piercings. As a result, there are a variety of different pieces of body jewelry that can typically be used. If you have a nose piercing or are researching your next nose piercing, this can be a good guide for you.

Now, now all types of piercing jewelry listed will go with all nose piercings. This guide will solely focus on the types of body jewelry typically used. Our next Nose Piercing Guide will go into where these types of piercing jewelry go.

Jewelry Types used in Nose Piercings

Now, there has been a trend in gauging different piercings of the nose. In this case, some plugs would be used.

But that about covers it. These are all the types of body piercing jewelry that are commonly used in Nose piercings.

Happy Memorial Day

Today, we salute those that have fought and died in the quest to preserve our freedoms. Today is Memorial Day. It is both a sad day as we have lost a lot of brave souls but a happy day as we know these brave souls are the reason our nation is protected.

Today is a day, no matter your thoughts on wars, that we all must celebrate these brave heroes that have gave their lives to enrich yours.

We have lost a lot of brave men and women in combat. They are brave for many reasons. They stared fear and death in the eyes and laughed. They did not do this for themselves. They did it for our great country and for all of us who live in it.

My deepest respect goes out to them and to our current soldiers and veterans. Keep doing us proud.

*Here is an interesting and informational infographic I found created by the Huffington Post.

Memorial Day Infographic

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Side Dermal Piercings

There are piercings for nearly every part of the body. However, there are some spots where a traditional piercing just can not be used. That is when dermal piercings are used. Dermal piercings are piercings that go into skin but don’t leave it through the same layer or another layer of skin.

The dermal piercings in the image shown makes one of the most unique sets of piercings I have ever seen and I think it is awesome.

Jessica Biel Gets A Septum Piercing

Just recently, the Met Gala took place which this year had a punk style theme to it. The stars came. They looked awesome. Bla bla bla. Anyways, Jessica Biel showed up with a septum piercings.

First of all let me say, she is a foxy lady and with that septum piercing she looked HOT.

Now that is out of the way,  why do stars get such a big fuss from getting piercings. Every time one appears with a piercing other then the standard ear piercing, there is a big hub bub about it. Aren’t the stars admirers supposed to be super liberal and okay with everything?

I don’t know, I am neither super liberal nor okay with everything but I don’t get all worked up when a celeb gets a piercing. At least not in the disapproving way.

High School Piercing Party – Perfect Bad Example

There is a time and a place for doing piercings when the right conditions are met. They should not be done in public places and they should not be done during times when you are supposed to be doing something else and they should never be done when you have no idea on what the safety guidelines are.

Enter some Georgia High School students. They are the prime example of doing everything the wrong way.

  • First, one teen was smart enough to do research on “piercing kits” but yet couldn’t research any of the safety precautions to take during the piercing process. If you are going to do piercings, common sense would dictate research everything you can before doing it.
  • Second, the teen decided to ask three others if they wanted piercings after gym class in the school locker room. Let’s see, when is it ever a good idea to do something in a school when it is not school related? Never. You are almost guaranteed to get in trouble for it. Better yet, do it while school is still in session.
  • Third, if you are going to pierce yourself fine. But don’t drag others into it.
  • Fourth, offer these piercings with absolutely no knowledge on piercings. This teen used the same needle for 3 other people. That there should be a criminal offense by itself.
  • Now, lets do something that should be done in a clean environment in one of the dirtiest environments in the school.
  • And finally, charge for your “piercing services” when you are putting everybody’s health in danger and you clearly have no idea how to pierce.

I don’t think these teens did one thing right in this matter. Don’t get me wrong, everybody needs a start somewhere. If you are going to practice on your own, do it yourself and maybe some close friends who know you are just starting out and are willing and do it in your own home. Don’t charge for it. And make sure you know all the health risks and proper procedures so that you don’t risk anyone’s health.

Health and safety should be the first thing you concern yourself when piercing. If not, don’t even bother getting started.

Dimple Piercing

One piercing that I really like when done right is the dimple piercing. Done right you say? Yes, some are supposed to be dimple piercings but they end up no where near where they are supposed to be. Here is a set of dimple piercings that look awesome!

Why We Sterilize Piercing Jewelry

Some people question why we insist on sterilizing everything. After all, isn’t sterilization only needed for new piercings? Does sterilization degrade the jewelry? Are we trying to hide something? Well, lets answer some of these questions and more.

There is a really simple reason why we sterilize all of our body jewelry. That is what Pierced Edge was founded on. Going deeper, it is the fact that you just don’t know where the jewelry you are buying has been. Just think about you. The manufacturer has people touching the piercing jewelry whether removing from the creation process or to package it. The distributor has people touching the jewelry. The retailer has to touch it to put it in its display case and also to package it. Customers who want to look at the jewelry touch it to get a closer look. That is a lot of touching. What results from touching? Bacteria and germs are transferred to it. You are essentially buying dirty body jewelry. This may not bother some but we found out there were quite a few people that just didn’t like the idea of that.

So, sterilization may not be needed on for all body jewelry and old piercings, but cleanliness is next to godliness. And that is why we do not charge for sterilization. We feel it is just something that should be done. You shouldn’t have to pay for that. Going back to is it necessary, there are even some materials like acrylic that can not be sterilized with our method of sterilization because they cannot handle it. Yet people still wear acrylic body jewelry without a widespread amount of problems.

Sterilization will not degrade body piercing jewelry. Well, certain types of materials will degrade such as acrylic. Any high quality material will not however. That is why we only sell body jewelry made from high quality materials. If it would degrade, you would be getting a defective product. We WANT you to have the highest quality product you can get.

But, sterilization could mean we are trying to hide something right? No. We have nothing to hide. Ask and we will answer. Need proof, we have it. All of our jewelry is bought new. We don’t sell used jewelry even though doing so would be completely safe since we do sterilize everything. If you ever have any doubts, contact us. We will be happy to get rid of those doubts.

Now you may be asking, if this is so great why aren’t others doing it? In fact, others have started doing it. However, they tend to charge a $5-$10 fee per piece of body jewelry. Sterilizing is an extended process that does cut into their profits. So, they want to profit from it. We would be lying if we said we didn’t want to profit. However, we feel a slight loss in profit is warranted in this scenario. One, you get a sterile high quality product and two, we are leading the way in how we think this business can be improved. And since we do the sterilization on all of our jewelry right from the get go, our process is streamlined into operation.

I hope this post will shed some light and answer any questions you may have had lingering. If you still have more questions, Contact Us! We are always happy to answer questions.