Small Business Saturday

Today is small business saturday. A day that doesn’t get as much attention as Black Friday or Cyber Monday but is a good holiday to support your local small businesses.

While we may not necessarily be local, we are proud to be a small business. As a result, we are offering a special promotion to maybe make us seem more local to you as well as maybe save you some money as well.

Today only, we are offering free shipping on all orders! Just use coupon code smallbizsat in the shopping cart.

Black Friday Deal: 30% Off Earrings

Next up for Black Friday we have 30% off our earrings.

Currently we have only the Playboy earrings(sold as pair) and our screw back Swarvoski crystal earrings that are sold individually.

The Playboy earrings that we have we can no longer get so this is a heck of a deal on those!

And remember, reduced shipping is still in effect.

Coupon Code: blackfriearrings

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off All Titanium Jewelry

It is time for our first deal for Black Friday!

Our first deal up is 20% off all of our Titanium Jewelry!

Titanium is great for those who have reactions to other metals! All of our current offering of body jewelry is Grade 23. And of course, all of our titanium jewelry will be shipped out sterilized.

Just use the coupon code: blackfrititanium in the shopping cart to get your discount!

And remember, today only we have reduced shipping at 50% off all shipping charges for any order that doesn’t qualify for free shipping.

Pierced Edge Black Friday

Well, well, well. It’s that time again. BLACK FRIDAY!

We are starting it a little bit later in the day this year. Our hope is that you got most of your chasing around to different stores done now and are ready to relax in front of the computer and see what other deals you can wrangle up.

This year, we are doing something a little different.

Reduced Shipping

This year we are offering reduced shipping. All shipping costs have been reduced by 50%! That means orders that don’t fulfill the free shipping option will cost $2.50 for US based shipping and $7.50 for International shipping.

Changing Black Friday Deals

Throughout the day, our deals will be changing. Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account to find out what deal is happening! So, one deal will happen maybe for an hour or two and end. Then the next deal will start.

We are hoping for a more engaging experience and something that will allow everyone to get something at a great price today.

Get ready, are first deal is about to happen!

Now Carrying NoPull Piercing Discs

At Pierced Edge, we pride ourselves in carrying quality products that are shipped to our customers sterilized. This goes under our belief that everyone should have a safe piercing experience.

We are always researching to find new products to fit under this theme. Now all products are Pierced Edge quality. But, there are products out there that are.

One product that fits the bill is the NoPull Piercing Disc. These bad boys are FDA approved Medical Grade Silicone that are made right here in the United States! They offer many benefits to new piercings and we feel are a great addition to piercings that are already fully healed but just are not as comfortable as you would want them to be.

Their primary purpose is to prevent body jewelry from going back through a piercing unintentionally. Sometimes, piercings push themselves through new piercings causing a lot of pain and prevent the piercing to heal properly. These discs prevent that from happening as they provide a larger backing so the jewelry can not push itself through.

These are great for preventing swelling as well as reducing preexisting swelling. Silicone is a softer material. As a result, these discs add a bit of a cushion.

And finally, these discs have been used to reduce cartilage scarring. It is pretty crazy that something so little can do so much in helping to create a healthy piercing.

NoPull Piercing Discs that we personally sterilize in our steam autoclave sterilizer are offered here: Pierced Edge NoPull Piercing Disc Product Page

And if you want more information on the product and the company that makes them, check out NoPull Piercing

Side Note: Our experience so far with NoPull Piercing Co has been absolutely fantastic! This is one company we will gladly work with well into the future.

*Since size was not mentioned the Disc is 7mm and without modification works with 18g to 12g sized jewelry. Modifications can be made to make it work with jewelry up to 6g in diameter.

Coming Soon: NoPull Piercing Discs

At Pierced Edge, we are always searching for and researching new products to list. Usually, we are looking new pieces of body piercing jewelry. But, we want to offer you everything that you might need related to your piercings.

We came across one product that we felt that anybody with a piercing might find value in. That is the NoPull Piercing Discs. They are essentially cushions for the backs of body jewelry so that less there is less irritation which also promotes healthy healing. They are made of medical grade FDA approved silicone and made right here in the United States.

The most common use for these are oral, labret, and cartilage piercings. They help prevent irritation from the backs of the body jewelry. They help prevent body jewelry from receding back into the piercing. They also have a great track record of healing hypertrophic scarring in cartilage piercings.

We will of course be adding our own touch to the piercing discs as we plan on offering all of them sterilized in the sealed sterilization pouches. That way you know you are getting a high quality sterile product that you know is safe to use. We should have these listed within the week. All we are waiting on is shipping which should mean that they will be in stock in the next couple of days.

We are extremely excited to be offering this product and even more so working with such a great company.

If you want to learn more, feel free to go the NoPull Piercing Co website at There is a little more information on their site about the product and some before and after pictures of the healing these discs have helped to promote.

Thank You Veterans!

Today is Veterans Day, a day we honor those that have served in the military to protect us from foreign threats and to maintain our freedoms. These brave men and women risk their lives so that we may continue to enjoy ours.

Know matter your stance on war and politics, I hope you can support the men and women as they are great people deep down and give up some of their luxuries for you! A simple thank you is more than enough to show them you care. Buying them a drink is a great way to compliment that thank you as well!

A side note, I would like to remind everyone that as this is a National United States holiday we will not be able to ship out any orders unfortunately as the postal system is down. We nearly exclusively use USPS as our shipping method. This is especially true for international orders. All orders WILL be shipped tomorrow.

That being said, Thank you Veterans and thank you current military personnel!

Black Friday Is Coming

Black Friday is coming! This is the day that provides some of the best deals in shopping for the year. People go out and fight for the items that they want. Some even will wait in lines. Heck, some people even make a holiday of it.

Pierced Edge is preparing itself for Black Friday already. This will be our second Black Friday and we want to make it even better than last year. So, start the planning.

There are a couple of ideas floating around on how we can make Black Friday  a day for great deals all day long and allow everybody to participate.

If you have any ideas on how we can make it great, please feel free to let us know. Send us an email. Message us on Facebook. Tweet away. We would love to hear from you!