Sons of Anarchy Reaper Earrings Listed

It has been busy a past few days here. We haven’t been able to get new products listed. Today finally a newly listed product can be seen.

We still got a couple new Sons of Anarchy body jewelry pieces to be added so we will continue that trend we have been riding on. Today, we add another set of earrings. This time they are dangling Reaper earrings. Made of the same material all of the Sons of Anarchy body jewelry has been made of so far, 316L Surgical Steel they come to you autoclave sterilized.

You can find them here: Sons of Anarchy Reaper Earrings

Sons of Anarchy Huggie Earrings Added

Continuing with our streak of adding Sons of Anarchy body jewelry, we have now added Sons of Anarchy earrings. This time it is huggie style earrings.

These huggie style earrings are made of 316L Surgical Steel. They than went through ion plating process so that the majority of these earrings are black. About the only thing that isn’t ion plated is SAMCRO along the edge of the earring.

These are only sold as a pair and will come in their original box. They will still come autoclave sterilized. Both the piercing and the box state that these are officially licensed earrings for Sons of Anarchy by Fox.

Sons of Anarchy Huggie Earrings Product Page

Now Carrying Sons of Anarchy Body Jewelry

We had been talking about it on our social channels and now we finally have Sons of Anarchy body jewelry. We didn’t get everything listed today but over the next week we will get everything new listed. Mind you it isn’t all of the body jewelry available but it is all that we can sterilize.

Today we listed all of the Industrial Sons of Anarchy body jewelry. They all have two ends that come to get to meet in the center which is Sons of Anarchy design. All three of them are letter designs. The first has SofA in a diamond. The other two are purely letters spelling SOA or SAMCRO.

They are all made of 316L surgical steel and one has a black titanium plating. They are of course delivered to you autoclave sterilized.

Support your favorite MC with these Sons of Anarchy Industrials and keep an eye as we start to add more ways of showing your support. And just like the DC Comics body jewelry, these are also officially licensed pieces by Fox.

Sons of Anarchy Black Titanium Plated S of A Industrial
Sons of Anarchy  SOA Industrial
Sons of Anarchy SAMCRO  Industrial

Industrials Now Available

Industrial body jewelry is one category we were still lacking in with have listings for. We tried to get some in the past and for a variety of reasons we weren’t actually able to get any. Luckily, our last order went through without a hitch.

Industrial body jewelry is used for the industrial piercing. This piercing is in an ear and really can be considered to be like two piercings filled by one piece of body jewelry.

Today was a pretty productive day for us so we added three different industrials today. Our next blog post will go into more detail on that as they also feature a new brand that we promised to get listed.

Now Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin… The digital currency that continues to overtake news stories across the internet. Some herald it as the new world currency. Others deem it a fad that will eventually plummet. Either way, you can’t ignore this age of digital currencies that we are currently in.

Therefore, we are now accepting Bitcoin! We have chosen to use Coinbase.  If your not familiar with bitcoin and its many wallets, Coinbase is one of the most popular ones. I have personally used Coinbase in the past so the familiarity along with the credibility gave it the edge.

The option for Bitcoin will now be present at Checkout. Options are generally good and we like to offer them.

Superman Belly Ring Added!

A little earlier today we added the Superman Cartilage Earring to our expanding stock of body jewelry. Naturally, if we had more items based on that theme we would add them next.

Presenting the Dangling Superman Logo Belly Ring. This features the same Superman Logo used on the Cartilage Earring and would make a great matching set of body piercing jewelry. True Superman fans would get both the Cartilage Earring and Belly Ring.

The Belly Ring is made of 316L Surgical Steel and comes to you autoclave sterilized.

This is officially licensed body jewelry just like the cartilage earring.

Check it out by following this link:

Finally… Cartilage Earrings!

Today, finally, we have added a new category of body jewelry, Cartilage Earrings. It was quite silly of us to not have had any listed yet. These are typically used for Helix piercings.

Today we added just one. This one is also introducing a new brand that we are offering as well, DC Comics. DC Comics has introduced us to some pretty incredible heroes. You might know some of them; Flash, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern, Batman to name a few. However, today we have added some jewelry based on one of the most powerful superheroes, Superman.

That’s right, Superman Cartilage Earrings. These are a great way to showcase your love of the Man of Steel. These cartilage earrings are made of Surgical Steel and receive the Pierced Edge Autoclave Treatment. Just like the universe is safe with Superman’s help, your piercings will be safe with this piece of body jewelry!

Either hover over Shop on the menu and click Cartilage Piercings to find it, search for it, or just follow this link:

New Product: Diamond Surgical Steel Nose Jewelry

We have been talking on our social channels for some time now about getting some new jewelry in. Just before New Year’s we made a fairly big order of almost all new jewelry. We are going to start out the year with a bang.

Initially, the plan was to start listing them pretty much right after New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, a huge cold spout hit us. We had days -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The photo sessions we do for our product are done outside so it was just not feasible.

So today, we are starting to add the listings for the new products. First up, we have Surgical Steel L Bend nose jewelry. Most pieces of nose jewelry have a gem but few have a diamond. This one does!

We wanted to offer some higher end jewelry and this is the first step. This will be our most expensive piece for now. Diamond tends to be paired with gold or maybe silver. This is still made of 316L surgical steel  so it still makes it a candidate for initial piercings and most definitely healed piercings.

While still being a higher priced piece, it still isn’t outrageously expensive either.

And is the case with all the body jewelry we list, this one will come to you autoclave sterilized.

You can check it out here:

Also, keep a watch on our Facebook, Twitter, and blog as we will be adding new products nearly daily if not more.

New Year New Goals New Growth

It’s the New Year! The general trend is to make goals and resolutions. Only to have them broken within a few weeks.

This year Pierced Edge is keeping things a little more in line with what a business has normally set up for goals and what not. We also want to take a quick look back at the progress.

The past year has been an interesting one for us. We increased the variety we offered. We started getting some new customers from around the world. And we dealt with the wrath of advertising costs. It truly was a year of learning and firsts.

Which gives us high hopes for the New Year. We are starting the New Year off right! We are essentially doubling the variety of our inventory. Give us a couple of weeks to get the photos done and get the products listed. But what can you expect?

  • Body jewelry from missing categories like plugs, cartilage earrings, and nose jewelry.
  • Officially licensed body jewelry like Sons of Anarchy and Superman
  • Some new materials: glass and even Diamond

We really want to make sure we got every area covered when it comes to piercings. And will continue to add to designs and brands as well.

Speaking of brands, one goal for the year is to get some of the high end brands in our store. These brands scream quality and that is what are after.

We also have been researching sponsoring models. This is a great way to get a name out there and to help out some of the faces of the industry. The main challenge will be to find a model that fits with our ideology.

The biggest goal of the year is to become an APP Corporate Sponsor. This is something we have had our eye on since we first started. We plan on applying as soon as we get our new items listed. We wanted to make sure we had a proper variety of body jewelry before we went through the application process.

That being said, we want to thank all the companies and people we have worked with this last year!

NoPull Piercing Co has been absolutely fantastic to work with.
We have primarily used the USPS and they have handled all our orders well this year.
Our customers have been phenomenal and without you we are nothing!
To our friends and family, your support has been fantastic and without you the idea of Pierced Edge would have never been started and seen our recent successes.

We can’t wait to see what the New Year holds for us.