Buy 3 NoPull Piercing Discs Get Free Shipping

We haven’t had to much news going on recently. Got our new camera but it has been so cold and windy that we haven’t been able to take any photos of the new product we have, might end up switching to an indoor shot – will have to see. And we haven’t had much other cool stuff going on. So let’s change it that.

The reason we started Pierced Edge was to provide sterile jewelry to give individuals the peace of mind in knowing that what they are getting is clean, safe, and of high quality. If it doesn’t make it through our autoclave, we won’t list it. One item that stands the rigors of the autoclave and also promotes healthy piercings is the NoPull Piercing Disc – Medical grade FDA approved silicone that makes those troubling piercings comfortable and helps heal scarring.

So, let’s throw a deal out there for these seemingly simple but miraculous little discs. Buy 3 Get Free Shipping! Just use the coupon code “nopull” at checkout to get the free shipping.

And don’t forget, these come to you autoclave sterilized so you can be sure that you can use them on any piercing.


SOA Dangling Reaper Belly Ring Now Listed

Well, we have been a bit MIA for a bit with getting some new products listed and well any new developments. Yesterday, we added Amazon Payments. As we have said before, we like adding more options.

Today we added another option to our Belly Rings and our Sons of Anarchy product line. That addition is the Dangling Reaper Belly Ring. The Reaper is THE image people associate with the Sons of Anarchy. This is also a perfect compliment to the Reaper Earrings we have listed as well.

Check out the new Belly Ring HERE

Now Accepting Amazon Payments

Options are good. After all, not everybody uses the same thing all the time. The same goes for purchasing items. At a brick and mortar, someone may choose to pay in cash, check, credit card, gift card, etc. Online, the same can be true as well. Some of us just like to enter our card information and be done, more options for this coming soon to Pierced Edge. Some of us have a PayPal that we use for online purchases. And now, those who have an Amazon account can use that to make a purchase here as well.

This is great for those that already trust Amazon with their information and have it store there. At checkout or in the shopping cart, just click the “pay with amazon payments” button. A dialog box will pop up for you to login with Amazon and you can than make your purchase with your Amazon account.

None of the information for your Amazon account is saved on our servers so you can be sure you data is safe on our end.

We will continue to look for new options to add that make the payment process easier for more of our current and future customers. If you have a suggestion, feel free to contact us. We will look into any suggestion to see if it is a good fit for us.