Shipping Schedule for the Next 5 Weeks

I pretty much run this operation by myself for the most part. Because of this, there are times when I am gone where I can’t do some parts of the business. Usually it is mainly shipping because I just can’t bring the product with me wherever I go but I do have internet so support and other things that just need internet I can usually do.

So for the next 5 weeks, any orders placed Thursday and Friday will be shipped out Saturday as I am out of town from Thursday morning until Saturday morning. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

That being said, our shipping is usually pretty quick so I don’t think this will be to much of a problem.

New Design Is Here

We loved our old design. We really did. But sometimes change is nice and with change there often comes new and exciting things. Our new design will allow us to do just that.

So, presenting our new design! You can see it on every page. While different, it isn’t exactly a whole new ball of wax. There are a lot of similarities between the way this one looks and the old one looked. We even got the content on the homepage looking the same, for now at least.

We really wanted to get a mobile friendly layout. We could have just made a separate one for mobile devices. But we felt going responsive, this means the site will automatically adapt to different screen sizes, was the better way to go. To get this, a lot of code underneath had to change so we felt taking the liberty of changing up the design a bit wasn’t to far out there.

There was a bunch changed that you won’t even notice but for exposure they are great to be added, tweaked in. Also, the site should be slightly faster now as well. We are hoping to get the page load times even lower but that will be a work in progress.

While everything for the most part has worked out, there is one bug that we are working on. Currently the cart icon doesn’t show up when on a desktop or laptop. It shows up for tablets and mobile devices which does make it a lot easier to order on those devices. The desktop version of the site should hopefully have its cart icon working by tomorrow.

As this post is now getting a little long winded, we will end it at ‘We hope you enjoy the little bit different look and we will be looking forward to your orders!’

New Updated Design Coming Soon… Hopefully

So, the plan is to slightly update the webdesign. Really all we want to do is make it responsive. I have personally gone on the website on my phone and it works but it could be better.

While adding that functionality, we might take the liberty of changing up a few other things. Overall, the website will look similar. We don’t want a radical change. Despite a few minor things, we like our design.

And don’t worry, we won’t be taking down the site to upgrade the design. We will most likely set it up on a separate server and transfer it over when done. We are hoping that all goes smoothly but there may be a chance for some hiccups. Shouldn’t affect anything important but we felt it important to let you know.

We are hoping to get started in the next week or two and hopefully have it implemented by the end of the month. I wish we could guarantee this  but things happen.

New Cartilage Earring Added for Helix Piercings

Let’s be honest, there has been a lack of new products being added to the site. We have new products to list. Just haven’t had a whole lot of time to get to it.

It has been busy and there are more important things such as sending out orders and in general making sure customers are happy.

But really, that is no excuse. More time should have been made. So today, we break that no new product streak with some cartilage earrings.

These are ideally for the triple forward helix. However, they could be used for any cartilage piercing or whatever your heart may desire.

Check them out here: Surgical Steel Cubic Zirconia Helix Cartilage Earring

New Pricing for NoPull Piercing Discs

After doing some product research, we learned that we weren’t the among the best priced for the NoPull Piercing Discs. Normally, we way the fact of the extra steps we take with some of product to determine if a competitive price change is in order.

Well, we have determined that one for the NoPull Piercing Discs could be in order. Now when you buy a NoPull Piercing Disc, you actually get two for the price $1.50. The description for the discs now reflect this. We also would like to remind you that these discs are coming to you sterilized in individual sterilization pouches.

So, enjoy the new pricing and here is to a healthy and more comfortable piercing!