Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday Sale!

This year we decided not to participate in the Black Friday Sale. We won’t go into details why as there are a bunch.

But, we didn’t want to miss out on Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday hits home with us because 1) We are a small business and 2) we like other small businesses alot. Small Business Saturday is something every consumer should get behind to support their favorite small businesses.

And Cyber Monday is because we are currently strictly a internet retailer so the two go hand in hand.

You can browse the store to see what items are for sale or just scroll a little further down to see them.

Spend $30, be eligible for Tribal Crushed Rock Spirals

Also, a special for these sales: Buy $30 or more and you are eligible to receive a product we don’t have listed on the site. We will try to get pictures up soon. They are crushed rock spirals with a resin coating. Either come in a blue or pink color with a tribal like design and we have a couple of different sizes. Again, we will try to post more later today. They normally retail for around $20 depending on size.