New York Bans Pet Tattoos and Piercings

You read the title right, New York had to ban cosmetic pet tattoos and piercings. Giving pets cosmetic tattoos and/or piercings will now be crime in the state of New York.

In all honesty, its pretty sad that this is even big enough where it needs to be a law. This should be classified as unethical as you are forcing your pet to endure pain.

Now there are exceptions that usually require veterinary supervision. But those usually are not cosmetic.

Some trends I just don’t get and this is one of them.

Starbucks Loosening Up On Employee Piercings

Starbucks, a place of expensive coffee and various snacks, is one place where you might consider tattoos and piercings commonplace. But that wasn’t the case. Employees were supposed to cover all tattoos and pretty much all piercings were restricted. But times are changing.

Recently, Starbucks released new guidelines to its dress code. The important bits for us are that tattoos no longer need to be covered as long as they are appropriate and as long as they are not on your neck or face. Also piercings are receiving some love. The regulations state that a nose  stud piercing is fine as long as it is subtle. But unfortunately it doesn’t include septums or rings. And stretched ears are ok as well. Ideally they are looking for anything under 10mm. Also, each ear is allowed to have up to 2 moderately sized piercings.

While the piercing guidelines aren’t exactly where we would like them to be, they are tolerable and they are at least showing progress. And finally, you are one step closer to getting hired for your skills rather than your looks.