Spiral Giveaway

Yesterday, we announced we were doing a new giveaway Twitter. The important details are there but we just can’t fit ALL the details into a tweet. So we are going to give you the skinny here.

The giveaways is for a pair of crushed stone spirals. Their design is tribal in nature and are primarily Pink and Black. These normally retail for around $18 depending on size.

The giveaway winner gets to choose the size that they can use, we have one pair of each of the following sizes:

  • 2 GA
  • 0 GA
  • 00 GA
  • 1/2″

The giveaway includes free shipping of course so the winner doesn’t have to worry about any costs.

To enter the giveaway is easy.

  1. Follow us on twitter: @PiercedEdge
  2. Retweet our tweet that has the hashtag #PiercedEdgeGA

We can’t wait to get some lucky winner a pair of these.

We Are Alive and Kicking

We haven’t made a post in awhile. No, we are not out of business. We are busy with other things and really haven’t had to much to right about.

So, we are taking this opportunity to shed some light on things we are working on and what we will be working on in the next couple months.

First off, what have we been doing. Well mostly just the standard stuff. Fulfilling orders, sterilizing, and researching new products is the main thing. We have also been researching into hiring some models so we can get some jewelry modeled and overall get some new images on the site.

So, what are we going to be doing? Well, apart from continuing with the regular stuff we are going to be getting some new jewelry styles. We have been doing a lot of research into manufacturers and products and now we got a list/order for who and what we are going to be buying.

The big thing apart from new product and current product replenishment is to get some of the modelling done. We have narrowed the search to two possible candidates for this initial model session. We will also be getting some shirts, primarily for the models and some possibly for giveaways.

So, there you have it. We will be trying to post more often as well. Any questions, feel free to get into contact with us.