New Number Coming Soon and Insider Look

Hello, hello, HELLO!

It’s been awhile since we written on the site. So it is about time we do!

First and foremost, we will be soon transitioning to a new number. We started having issues with the account associated with our last number. Not only that, that number wasn’t strictly associated with Pierced Edge. The transition should start taking place this week.

Now since that is out of the way, lets get you familiar with what has been going on and what you can expect.

We have ALOT of new jewelry to get listed. We got some awesome new jewelry from Glasswear Studios that we can’t wait to get listed. If you follow either our facebook or Twitter there is a good chance you got a preview of what is to come. Besides that we got some awesome new jewelry we can’t wait to show off as well!

And to end this little post, we have been talking about a model for awhile and we are going to get a photo session with her real soon so that we can get some new photos for promotional stuff. We are excited and we think she is just as excited.

If you have any questions, remember feel free to contact us. Email is the best form to get into contact us with and right now it is unlikely you will get ahold of us with the current number, but we will be fixing that soon.

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