Attention NoPull Piercing Discs Customers

It has been brought to our attention that some of NoPull Piercing disc orders were possibly shipped with improper quantities. So if you ordered the Piercing Discs and did not get the right amount please contact us. Email will be the best form of contact currently and we can be reached through that at

Thank you and we apologize to any customers that have been affected by this and hope we can rectify this.

Reflection on 2016 and Outlook 2017

Usually this type of post is done closer to New Years Day. I guess we are not that far off yet but there has been a lot of thinking and planning going on so this post kinda took a sideline to that.

Reflecting on 2016, it was a good year for Pierced Edge. I orders over last year increased considerably. We are still no where near the big dogs but its nice to know you guys are choosing us and we hope its a result of our fast shipping and in the pride we take in making sure you are getting the clean, sterile piece of jewelry you want or getting best service in getting the after care you looking for. This gives us continued confidence in the business and gives us even more drive to provide you with even more of the awesome jewelry you are looking for.

One of the big pluses included in that is that our North American, particularly US, sales are a major cause for the increase. We sell worldwide and last year Europe was our best source of customers. We are not entirely sure why since we are US based.

But on the downside, our worldwide sales took a bit a decrease. One of my favorite aspects has been seeing an order come in from Belgium or Australia or really any other country. We haven’t really marketed to our foreign friends but we were extremely happy to have worldwide customers.

Now that we are into 2017 our goals are mostly what you would expect. Increase sales is a big part of that. As we haven’t seen as many foreign orders, we would like to get back on track for that while also giving the US and North American market a boosted focus as well.

Our marketing efforts have been somewhat lacking. We are going to be putting a much stronger focus on that come spring to get more traffic and even more happy customers. We want to be found more easily.

Along with the marketing, we are hoping to get some more modeling efforts going. That we can some more faces on the website and elsewhere and hopefully give you a chance to see some of our jewelry on some of these models. None of that fake Photoshoped jewelry business a lot of the other companies like to do.

We will be looking to get a bunch of new jewelry on the site and more importantly from more manufacturers. We are constantly researching manufacturers and we already have a few lined up for later into 2017. We want to provide a good variety but more importantly we want quality. We have had product this year already that didn’t make the cut. We ultimately did giveaways and such for the pieces that didn’t meet our standards.

This is the year we are hoping to get us on the road to opening up a physical store as well. We don’t expect that to happen this year but would like to see that happen in the near future. It’ll give us a bigger workplace and allow us to serve customers in a more personal manner. We also will be toying with the idea of having a piercer on staff. This will open up other doors for us and should ultimately help us provide you with a better overall shopping experience. Plus, we have had calls in the past about piercing services.

Well, that was a little more long winded then planned! If you took the time to read, thank you. And to all of our customers out there we give you a big THANK YOU! You continue to inspire us!

Happy Veterans Day

Just want to give a huge shout out to all the Veterans out there! You guys are awesome! Thank you for your service and sacrifices!

Glasswear Studios Galore!

We finally got around to listing more of the Glasswear Studios product that we have. This has been long overdue. We haven’t listed all the stock we have but we put a large dent into it. So check out the Plugs page and see what new inventory is available for sale!

And if you are not aware, Glasswear Studios is a US based company that hand makes glass jewelry. They specialize in body jewelry for piercings. They are a high end brand and their product shows it. They may cost a bit more but their jewelry is well worth it.

Pierced Edge’s First Modeling Shoot

We’ve been talking about it for awhile. Well we finally got a shoot done! And luckily, we were able to shoot the stunning Nicole!

Now, it would be a shame to not give a little background on her. Nicole is an artist at heart. She does hair, she does drawings and is in the process of becoming a tattoo/piercing artist and now a model.

You will see her at various spots on the website as well as on our social media pages. It was an absolute blast shooting her and we are glad we can share these pictures! Hopefully we will be able to bring awesome shots from her.

Here is a small sampling from the shoot. These may change or more may be added to the gallery as time goes on so keep an eye on this post. Also images are a larger file size so they may take a bit longer to load.

New Number Is Live

Better late than never, we now have our new number live. Our new number is (262)343-8309. You will be able to see the changes on our Contact Us page and we will be slowly going through all the directories we are on and be changing those as well.

New Number Coming Soon and Insider Look

Hello, hello, HELLO!

It’s been awhile since we written on the site. So it is about time we do!

First and foremost, we will be soon transitioning to a new number. We started having issues with the account associated with our last number. Not only that, that number wasn’t strictly associated with Pierced Edge. The transition should start taking place this week.

Now since that is out of the way, lets get you familiar with what has been going on and what you can expect.

We have ALOT of new jewelry to get listed. We got some awesome new jewelry from Glasswear Studios that we can’t wait to get listed. If you follow either our facebook or Twitter there is a good chance you got a preview of what is to come. Besides that we got some awesome new jewelry we can’t wait to show off as well!

And to end this little post, we have been talking about a model for awhile and we are going to get a photo session with her real soon so that we can get some new photos for promotional stuff. We are excited and we think she is just as excited.

If you have any questions, remember feel free to contact us. Email is the best form to get into contact us with and right now it is unlikely you will get ahold of us with the current number, but we will be fixing that soon.

Out of Town Until April 6

We are going to be out of town for the next 8 days so unfortunately we won’t be able process any orders during that time. Any inquiries will most likely also see a delay questions that are sent to us.

After that, we will be processing orders and if all goes to plan we will be ordering a significant amount of new inventory.

Also, we hope everyone has a Happy Easter if we don’t get a chance to express on the day!

Spiral Giveaway

Yesterday, we announced we were doing a new giveaway Twitter. The important details are there but we just can’t fit ALL the details into a tweet. So we are going to give you the skinny here.

The giveaways is for a pair of crushed stone spirals. Their design is tribal in nature and are primarily Pink and Black. These normally retail for around $18 depending on size.

The giveaway winner gets to choose the size that they can use, we have one pair of each of the following sizes:

  • 2 GA
  • 0 GA
  • 00 GA
  • 1/2″

The giveaway includes free shipping of course so the winner doesn’t have to worry about any costs.

To enter the giveaway is easy.

  1. Follow us on twitter: @PiercedEdge
  2. Retweet our tweet that has the hashtag #PiercedEdgeGA

We can’t wait to get some lucky winner a pair of these.

We Are Alive and Kicking

We haven’t made a post in awhile. No, we are not out of business. We are busy with other things and really haven’t had to much to right about.

So, we are taking this opportunity to shed some light on things we are working on and what we will be working on in the next couple months.

First off, what have we been doing. Well mostly just the standard stuff. Fulfilling orders, sterilizing, and researching new products is the main thing. We have also been researching into hiring some models so we can get some jewelry modeled and overall get some new images on the site.

So, what are we going to be doing? Well, apart from continuing with the regular stuff we are going to be getting some new jewelry styles. We have been doing a lot of research into manufacturers and products and now we got a list/order for who and what we are going to be buying.

The big thing apart from new product and current product replenishment is to get some of the modelling done. We have narrowed the search to two possible candidates for this initial model session. We will also be getting some shirts, primarily for the models and some possibly for giveaways.

So, there you have it. We will be trying to post more often as well. Any questions, feel free to get into contact with us.