New York Bans Pet Tattoos and Piercings

You read the title right, New York had to ban cosmetic pet tattoos and piercings. Giving pets cosmetic tattoos and/or piercings will now be crime in the state of New York.

In all honesty, its pretty sad that this is even big enough where it needs to be a law. This should be classified as unethical as you are forcing your pet to endure pain.

Now there are exceptions that usually require veterinary supervision. But those usually are not cosmetic.

Some trends I just don’t get and this is one of them.

Starbucks Loosening Up On Employee Piercings

Starbucks, a place of expensive coffee and various snacks, is one place where you might consider tattoos and piercings commonplace. But that wasn’t the case. Employees were supposed to cover all tattoos and pretty much all piercings were restricted. But times are changing.

Recently, Starbucks released new guidelines to its dress code. The important bits for us are that tattoos no longer need to be covered as long as they are appropriate and as long as they are not on your neck or face. Also piercings are receiving some love. The regulations state that a nose  stud piercing is fine as long as it is subtle. But unfortunately it doesn’t include septums or rings. And stretched ears are ok as well. Ideally they are looking for anything under 10mm. Also, each ear is allowed to have up to 2 moderately sized piercings.

While the piercing guidelines aren’t exactly where we would like them to be, they are tolerable and they are at least showing progress. And finally, you are one step closer to getting hired for your skills rather than your looks.

Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday Sale!

This year we decided not to participate in the Black Friday Sale. We won’t go into details why as there are a bunch.

But, we didn’t want to miss out on Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday hits home with us because 1) We are a small business and 2) we like other small businesses alot. Small Business Saturday is something every consumer should get behind to support their favorite small businesses.

And Cyber Monday is because we are currently strictly a internet retailer so the two go hand in hand.

You can browse the store to see what items are for sale or just scroll a little further down to see them.

Spend $30, be eligible for Tribal Crushed Rock Spirals

Also, a special for these sales: Buy $30 or more and you are eligible to receive a product we don’t have listed on the site. We will try to get pictures up soon. They are crushed rock spirals with a resin coating. Either come in a blue or pink color with a tribal like design and we have a couple of different sizes. Again, we will try to post more later today. They normally retail for around $20 depending on size.

Our Last Giveaway

No, don’t worry. This wasn’t the last giveaway we will ever do. It just was the last we one that we just did. We didn’t post details about it on here though so I thought it would be good to post that we did it just so it is archived.

So our last giveaway was for this beautiful pink silicone rose barbell with a glitter acrylic ball on the other end. The shaft is made of 316L surgical steel. This was one item we thought we were going to be able to sterilize but unfortunately the ball under the silicone rose is acrylic as well and that one would be a lot harder to replace.

We chose the lucky winner Saturday night on Twitter and will be shipping it out today, Monday.

Thanks to everyone that participated! And thank you to all the new followers!

The Next Giveaway!

Our next giveaway is under way! Again, we are using Twitter has the site to host this little giveaway. No, twitter is not endorsing this giveaway. So, to enter all you need to do is follow us at and retweet or quote our tweet that has the pic of the barbell, the same one used for this post. It also has the tag #PiercedEdgeGiveaway. Now some details on the item being given away!

  • Barbell – typically used for tongue and nipple piercings
  • Biopierce Shaft – a flexible shaft that is great for providing a little more comfort
  • Acrylic Blue and Clear Balls – plastic balls that have blue stripes and clear stipes
  • Pierced Edge Price(if we were to sell it): $3 Retail Price: $5 give or take

As part of the giveaway, free shipping is included* and the giveaway is open to international participants as well!

Our first giveaway was a success and we have a happy recipient! So yes, our giveaways are legit if you thought otherwise.

Have any further questions? Contact as on Twitter, our Facebook page, or email us at


*Free shipping is for all US based entrants. Free shipping will most likely apply to most international entrants as well. European countries, for example, should qualify for free shipping. International shipments can take up to a couple of weeks, mostly based on customs. Want to make sure you are getting free shipping? Contact us. We will find out for you!

Our First Twitter Giveaway

Today marks our first Twitter giveaway. Not our first giveaway mind you, but the first on Twitter!

We actually wanted to do this one sooner but it kept getting busy and it was pushed low on the list. To compensate we did give away some free body jewelry to some random loyal customers. No entry needed except a previous purchase and no warning given.

So, the details for the twitter giveaway. We only have two guidelines: you must be following us on twitter, @PiercedEdge or and you can retweet or quote or make your own tweet about the giveaway. The tweet just must have #PiercedEdgeGiveaway in it so we can find it.

That’s it! Super easy. No other guidelines like you must be such and such of age or from such and such location.

Now what about the prize. Well, we plan on doing a couple of these giveaways so each one will only be for one item or pair of items.

This time it is a barbell. The barbell is made up of a flexible shaft and with acrylic balls. Blue over all with black specks on the balls as well. It is 14GA thick and 5/8″ in length. It is brand new but we can’t sterilize it so a giveaway seemed like a great option.

Also included is free shipping to US recipients. We are not preventing international entrants but if shipping gets to be too much we may have to ask for some shipping reimbursement.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet us on Twitter or email us at

The winner will be contacted on twitter and will be asked to email us shipping information.

Last Week for Modified Shipping Schedule

Good news! This week is the last week for the current modified shipping schedule!

If you didn’t know, the past 4 weeks no orders would be shipped Thurs thru Friday. It sucked but other responsibilities forced this shipping schedule to take place.

But after this Friday, that is gone and all things are normal again. I hope this didn’t cause any inconvenience for any of you.

And as always, thanks for your orders and your continued business.

Shipping Schedule for the Next 5 Weeks

I pretty much run this operation by myself for the most part. Because of this, there are times when I am gone where I can’t do some parts of the business. Usually it is mainly shipping because I just can’t bring the product with me wherever I go but I do have internet so support and other things that just need internet I can usually do.

So for the next 5 weeks, any orders placed Thursday and Friday will be shipped out Saturday as I am out of town from Thursday morning until Saturday morning. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

That being said, our shipping is usually pretty quick so I don’t think this will be to much of a problem.

New Design Is Here

We loved our old design. We really did. But sometimes change is nice and with change there often comes new and exciting things. Our new design will allow us to do just that.

So, presenting our new design! You can see it on every page. While different, it isn’t exactly a whole new ball of wax. There are a lot of similarities between the way this one looks and the old one looked. We even got the content on the homepage looking the same, for now at least.

We really wanted to get a mobile friendly layout. We could have just made a separate one for mobile devices. But we felt going responsive, this means the site will automatically adapt to different screen sizes, was the better way to go. To get this, a lot of code underneath had to change so we felt taking the liberty of changing up the design a bit wasn’t to far out there.

There was a bunch changed that you won’t even notice but for exposure they are great to be added, tweaked in. Also, the site should be slightly faster now as well. We are hoping to get the page load times even lower but that will be a work in progress.

While everything for the most part has worked out, there is one bug that we are working on. Currently the cart icon doesn’t show up when on a desktop or laptop. It shows up for tablets and mobile devices which does make it a lot easier to order on those devices. The desktop version of the site should hopefully have its cart icon working by tomorrow.

As this post is now getting a little long winded, we will end it at ‘We hope you enjoy the little bit different look and we will be looking forward to your orders!’

New Updated Design Coming Soon… Hopefully

So, the plan is to slightly update the webdesign. Really all we want to do is make it responsive. I have personally gone on the website on my phone and it works but it could be better.

While adding that functionality, we might take the liberty of changing up a few other things. Overall, the website will look similar. We don’t want a radical change. Despite a few minor things, we like our design.

And don’t worry, we won’t be taking down the site to upgrade the design. We will most likely set it up on a separate server and transfer it over when done. We are hoping that all goes smoothly but there may be a chance for some hiccups. Shouldn’t affect anything important but we felt it important to let you know.

We are hoping to get started in the next week or two and hopefully have it implemented by the end of the month. I wish we could guarantee this  but things happen.