Spiral Giveaway

Yesterday, we announced we were doing a new giveaway Twitter. The important details are there but we just can’t fit ALL the details into a tweet. So we are going to give you the skinny here.

The giveaways is for a pair of crushed stone spirals. Their design is tribal in nature and are primarily Pink and Black. These normally retail for around $18 depending on size.

The giveaway winner gets to choose the size that they can use, we have one pair of each of the following sizes:

  • 2 GA
  • 0 GA
  • 00 GA
  • 1/2″

The giveaway includes free shipping of course so the winner doesn’t have to worry about any costs.

To enter the giveaway is easy.

  1. Follow us on twitter: @PiercedEdge
  2. Retweet our tweet that has the hashtag #PiercedEdgeGA

We can’t wait to get some lucky winner a pair of these.

Our Last Giveaway

No, don’t worry. This wasn’t the last giveaway we will ever do. It just was the last we one that we just did. We didn’t post details about it on here though so I thought it would be good to post that we did it just so it is archived.

So our last giveaway was for this beautiful pink silicone rose barbell with a glitter acrylic ball on the other end. The shaft is made of 316L surgical steel. This was one item we thought we were going to be able to sterilize but unfortunately the ball under the silicone rose is acrylic as well and that one would be a lot harder to replace.

We chose the lucky winner Saturday night on Twitter and will be shipping it out today, Monday.

Thanks to everyone that participated! And thank you to all the new followers!

The Next Giveaway!

Our next giveaway is under way! Again, we are using Twitter has the site to host this little giveaway. No, twitter is not endorsing this giveaway. So, to enter all you need to do is follow us at twitter.com/PiercedEdge and retweet or quote our tweet that has the pic of the barbell, the same one used for this post. It also has the tag #PiercedEdgeGiveaway. Now some details on the item being given away!

  • Barbell – typically used for tongue and nipple piercings
  • Biopierce Shaft – a flexible shaft that is great for providing a little more comfort
  • Acrylic Blue and Clear Balls – plastic balls that have blue stripes and clear stipes
  • Pierced Edge Price(if we were to sell it): $3 Retail Price: $5 give or take

As part of the giveaway, free shipping is included* and the giveaway is open to international participants as well!

Our first giveaway was a success and we have a happy recipient! So yes, our giveaways are legit if you thought otherwise.

Have any further questions? Contact as on Twitter, our Facebook page, or email us at piercededge@gmail.com


*Free shipping is for all US based entrants. Free shipping will most likely apply to most international entrants as well. European countries, for example, should qualify for free shipping. International shipments can take up to a couple of weeks, mostly based on customs. Want to make sure you are getting free shipping? Contact us. We will find out for you!

Our First Twitter Giveaway

Today marks our first Twitter giveaway. Not our first giveaway mind you, but the first on Twitter!

We actually wanted to do this one sooner but it kept getting busy and it was pushed low on the list. To compensate we did give away some free body jewelry to some random loyal customers. No entry needed except a previous purchase and no warning given.

So, the details for the twitter giveaway. We only have two guidelines: you must be following us on twitter, @PiercedEdge or http://twitter.com/PiercedEdge and you can retweet or quote or make your own tweet about the giveaway. The tweet just must have #PiercedEdgeGiveaway in it so we can find it.

That’s it! Super easy. No other guidelines like you must be such and such of age or from such and such location.

Now what about the prize. Well, we plan on doing a couple of these giveaways so each one will only be for one item or pair of items.

This time it is a barbell. The barbell is made up of a flexible shaft and with acrylic balls. Blue over all with black specks on the balls as well. It is 14GA thick and 5/8″ in length. It is brand new but we can’t sterilize it so a giveaway seemed like a great option.

Also included is free shipping to US recipients. We are not preventing international entrants but if shipping gets to be too much we may have to ask for some shipping reimbursement.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet us on Twitter or email us at piercededge@gmail.com

The winner will be contacted on twitter and will be asked to email us shipping information.