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[toggle title=”How do you sterilize your body jewelry?”]How do you sterilize your body jewelry? We sterilize our body jewelry using a steam autoclave. Steam autoclaves sterilize by creating high pressure in the unit. These high pressure conditions fully sterilize the items that are placed in there. This is the same method most doctor offices use to sterilize their equipment.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you have Mill Certs?”]Do you have Mill Certs? We do not actively keep all mill certificates for all of our body jewelry. However, we can acquire them from our distributors whenever needed.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How do you know your body jewelry is sterilized?”]How do you know your body jewelry is sterilized? We have multiple methods to show that our body jewelry is sterilized. Our sterilization pouches have a chemical indicator on them. The indicator turns colors once the item has been sterilized. Right now, all of ours starts out blue and turns black when sterilized.

We also put a sterilization indicator inside the pouch for the added security. These indicators work exactly like the external indicator on the pouches.

Finally, we do spore testing on our autoclave to ensure that the unit is sterilizing the way it should.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why is your body jewelry preassembled?”]Why is your body jewelry preassembled? Not all of our body jewelry is sterilized pre assembled. However, some of our items may be sterilized in their assembled form. We did this initially out of convenience and we felt there would be no added benefit otherwise. We will keep certain pieces assembled as well if distortion occurs otherwise.

If you want to make sure your order comes with only items that are sterilized not in assembled, just add a not and we will make sure the body jewelry comes sterilized while be not assembled.[/toggle]