Spore Testing

We are devoted to making sure you know that the jewelry you are getting is in fact what you expect. One of those areas that you should know for sure that you are getting what you are expecting is sterilization.

If you don’t know, we use a steam autoclave to sterilize all of our products. Before that is done, we run our product through a sonic cleaner. We than put the product in a sterilization pouch that keeps the product sterilized until you decide to open it. We have indicators both on the pouch and inside the pouch to ensure that the item has in fact gone through the sterilization process.

However, there is one further step to take to make sure that the autoclave is performing. This is through spore testing. This can be done in house or the can be sent out to a facility that checks and than reports the results in an official manner.

While our autoclave has been fully tested initially, it has not seen a spore test since than. Worse yet, we did not receive any official reporting on the results. As it is time to get more spore testing done and to provide proof, we will be having our spore tests sent out so that we can have for display official results.

We were originally going to use Mesa Labs. They have an excellent reputation. Unfortunately, when we inquired for the send in spore testing they were discontinuing it. Luckily, their customer service is excellent and referred us to North Bay BioScience. We wanted to make sure that we utilized a reputable company for our testing purposes and North Bay BioScience is just that.

If you would have any further questions regarding our sterilization process or anything for that matter, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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