APP: Your Source For Piercing Information

While we at Pierced Edge will continue to provide information about piercings and the different types of body jewelry, there is one source that is pretty much the go to source if you need to know anything. That source is the APP, Association of Professional Piercers.

They have a wealth of information. You can get information on the piercing process, health risks associated with piercings, proper care, and anything really that you might need to know.

However, in my opinion, their most valuable information is their list of Professional Piercers. Their list consists of Profession Piercers that are members. To become a member, there are a variety of requirements that a piercer must meet. One of the most important, is the knowledge and use of health and safety standards. If you are looking for a piercer, you should really check their website at to find a local APP piercer.

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