Choosing A Piercer and Piercing Shop

Piercing is a serious business with serious consequences. Therefore, it is important to choose a piercer and piercing shop that is not only qualified but also has the safety standards in place. Below is a list of guidelines to look for in your piercer and piercing shop.


You want to get a piercing done by an experienced professional. Piercing may seem easy but an amateur can cause serious harm. If you are getting a piercing done by an amateur, be sure they are being mentored or are in an apprenticeship.

All piercers should have a portfolio that you can look at. This kind of ties in the Experienced point. A portfolio will showcase the skills the piercer has and give you an idea if they can produce the results that you want.

Piercing Guns
If the studio or piercer uses a piercing gun it is advisable to avoid them. Piercing guns can not be sterilized properly and they can cause other damage. Some states have even illegalized piercing guns.

The studio should be tidy and clean. This shows that they care about cleanliness which will tell you that they will take the necessary steps to insure that the piercing process is performed in a “clean” manor.

Set Up
Their setup should be of a clean and sterile nature. They should wash their hands in front of you as well as bring out the sterile packaged instruments. If they don’t remove the instruments that they are going to use from their sterile packaging in front of you you should assume that those instruments are not sterile. The instruments should be in their own individual packaging. They should also change their gloves if they touch anything but you and the sterile tools.

Ideally, every piercing and tattoo studio should have their own autoclave. Typically, this should be a steam autoclave. If they say they have one, they should be willing to show you it along with spore testing results. Spore tests are done on a regular basis to insure that the autoclave is doing its job of sterilizing. However, sterilizers can be expensive and some studios may opt for using a sterilization service. In this case, they should be able to provide you with spore test results for these autoclaves as well.

They should inform you of aftercare instructions. If they don’t, they should and therefore should be avoided. After all, if proper after care is not used the piercing can reject, become infected, or even lead to worse problems.

The rest is up to you on if you should be going with the piercer and piercing shop your looking at using. Hopefully, your piercing will be a pleasurable experience with wonderful results.

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