Form Versus Function in Piercings

Form vs Function

Function vs Form

It is one of those debates that transcends topic. For instance, car enthusiasts are always debating each other on whether form should be put ahead of function. Does the look mean more then how it affects performance.

Considering that, I thought it would be a nice debate to bring that same debate to piercings. Does a piercing or even to the extent of body modification as a whole take priority over how it affects the performance of the body.

Maybe that is a confusing statement. Let’s bring in some real world examples. Lately, it is started to become more common for plugs to be used in other places besides ears. I can recall seeing plugs in the cheeks as well as one being used under the lower lip. Are these piercings worth having? I can’t answer that. I have neither. But, the reason I don’t have them is because in my mind having holes that can only be closed by an object or major surgery to an area that needs to remain wet for a large variety of purposes could cause problems. Or even worse, I could start drooling out of those holes. Does that actually happen. I don’t know. Never bothered to research it.

Then you can get into the body modification seen. There is some pretty sweet stuff going on in that field. There is also some stuff that would seem to drastically alter body functions. The big one that I have seen a couple of times is the one where a good portion of the penis is cut off. That has got to alter some of the body function down there.

I am a function person. For whatever reason is, my mind tells me not to do anything that seriously alters function even if the form results in something unique. However, I am not one to be like “NO! That is wrong.” After all, form does serve its purpose in some regards. So what are your thoughts? Does Form mean all or does Function take a priority to form?

Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

– Frank Lloyd Wright

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