Happy Memorial Day

Today, we salute those that have fought and died in the quest to preserve our freedoms. Today is Memorial Day. It is both a sad day as we have lost a lot of brave souls but a happy day as we know these brave souls are the reason our nation is protected.

Today is a day, no matter your thoughts on wars, that we all must celebrate these brave heroes that have gave their lives to enrich yours.

We have lost a lot of brave men and women in combat. They are brave for many reasons. They stared fear and death in the eyes and laughed. They did not do this for themselves. They did it for our great country and for all of us who live in it.

My deepest respect goes out to them and to our current soldiers and veterans. Keep doing us proud.

*Here is an interesting and informational infographic I found created by the Huffington Post.

Memorial Day Infographic

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