High School Piercing Party – Perfect Bad Example

There is a time and a place for doing piercings when the right conditions are met. They should not be done in public places and they should not be done during times when you are supposed to be doing something else and they should never be done when you have no idea on what the safety guidelines are.

Enter some Georgia High School students. They are the prime example of doing everything the wrong way.

  • First, one teen was smart enough to do research on “piercing kits” but yet couldn’t research any of the safety precautions to take during the piercing process. If you are going to do piercings, common sense would dictate research everything you can before doing it.
  • Second, the teen decided to ask three others if they wanted piercings after gym class in the school locker room. Let’s see, when is it ever a good idea to do something in a school when it is not school related? Never. You are almost guaranteed to get in trouble for it. Better yet, do it while school is still in session.
  • Third, if you are going to pierce yourself fine. But don’t drag others into it.
  • Fourth, offer these piercings with absolutely no knowledge on piercings. This teen used the same needle for 3 other people. That there should be a criminal offense by itself.
  • Now, lets do something that should be done in a clean environment in one of the dirtiest environments in the school.
  • And finally, charge for your “piercing services” when you are putting everybody’s health in danger and you clearly have no idea how to pierce.

I don’t think these teens did one thing right in this matter. Don’t get me wrong, everybody needs a start somewhere. If you are going to practice on your own, do it yourself and maybe some close friends who know you are just starting out and are willing and do it in your own home. Don’t charge for it. And make sure you know all the health risks and proper procedures so that you don’t risk anyone’s health.

Health and safety should be the first thing you concern yourself when piercing. If not, don’t even bother getting started.

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