Jessica Biel Gets A Septum Piercing

Just recently, the Met Gala took place which this year had a punk style theme to it. The stars came. They looked awesome. Bla bla bla. Anyways, Jessica Biel showed up with a septum piercings.

First of all let me say, she is a foxy lady and with that septum piercing she looked HOT.

Now that is out of the way,  why do stars get such a big fuss from getting piercings. Every time one appears with a piercing other then the standard ear piercing, there is a big hub bub about it. Aren’t the stars admirers supposed to be super liberal and okay with everything?

I don’t know, I am neither super liberal nor okay with everything but I don’t get all worked up when a celeb gets a piercing. At least not in the disapproving way.

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