Nose Piercings – Jewelry Used

The nose is one body part that can receive a variety of different piercings. As a result, there are a variety of different pieces of body jewelry that can typically be used. If you have a nose piercing or are researching your next nose piercing, this can be a good guide for you.

Now, now all types of piercing jewelry listed will go with all nose piercings. This guide will solely focus on the types of body jewelry typically used. Our next Nose Piercing Guide will go into where these types of piercing jewelry go.

Jewelry Types used in Nose Piercings

Now, there has been a trend in gauging different piercings of the nose. In this case, some plugs would be used.

But that about covers it. These are all the types of body piercing jewelry that are commonly used in Nose piercings.

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