Why We Sterilize Piercing Jewelry

Some people question why we insist on sterilizing everything. After all, isn’t sterilization only needed for new piercings? Does sterilization degrade the jewelry? Are we trying to hide something? Well, lets answer some of these questions and more.

There is a really simple reason why we sterilize all of our body jewelry. That is what Pierced Edge was founded on. Going deeper, it is the fact that you just don’t know where the jewelry you are buying has been. Just think about you. The manufacturer has people touching the piercing jewelry whether removing from the creation process or to package it. The distributor has people touching the jewelry. The retailer has to touch it to put it in its display case and also to package it. Customers who want to look at the jewelry touch it to get a closer look. That is a lot of touching. What results from touching? Bacteria and germs are transferred to it. You are essentially buying dirty body jewelry. This may not bother some but we found out there were quite a few people that just didn’t like the idea of that.

So, sterilization may not be needed on for all body jewelry and old piercings, but cleanliness is next to godliness. And that is why we do not charge for sterilization. We feel it is just something that should be done. You shouldn’t have to pay for that. Going back to is it necessary, there are even some materials like acrylic that can not be sterilized with our method of sterilization because they cannot handle it. Yet people still wear acrylic body jewelry without a widespread amount of problems.

Sterilization will not degrade body piercing jewelry. Well, certain types of materials will degrade such as acrylic. Any high quality material will not however. That is why we only sell body jewelry made from high quality materials. If it would degrade, you would be getting a defective product. We WANT you to have the highest quality product you can get.

But, sterilization could mean we are trying to hide something right? No. We have nothing to hide. Ask and we will answer. Need proof, we have it. All of our jewelry is bought new. We don’t sell used jewelry even though doing so would be completely safe since we do sterilize everything. If you ever have any doubts, contact us. We will be happy to get rid of those doubts.

Now you may be asking, if this is so great why aren’t others doing it? In fact, others have started doing it. However, they tend to charge a $5-$10 fee per piece of body jewelry. Sterilizing is an extended process that does cut into their profits. So, they want to profit from it. We would be lying if we said we didn’t want to profit. However, we feel a slight loss in profit is warranted in this scenario. One, you get a sterile high quality product and two, we are leading the way in how we think this business can be improved. And since we do the sterilization on all of our jewelry right from the get go, our process is streamlined into operation.

I hope this post will shed some light and answer any questions you may have had lingering. If you still have more questions, Contact Us! We are always happy to answer questions.

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