What Not To Do As A Teacher

So, a teacher in eastern Pretoria has been suspended because they allegedly took a student to get his penis pierced.

Before I continue, does anyone think that this is not a bad idea?

If so, please stop reading and take a deep look at your morals.

First and foremost, it is in no way the responsibility of teacher to take a student for any type of piercing. A teacher is there to teach and guide a student in their academic activities. Getting a piercing does not fit this. Maybe asking teacher on their thoughts or experiences may be fine but to actually take a student is ridiculous.

Now, to take someone to get a piercing of such a personal nature just adds to the wrong that is this story. A teacher, apart from health class, should have no association with sexual organs of a student. That means don’t take a student to get piercings in their genitals or nipples. This raises the bar on going against ethics that a teacher should have.

Teachers, just don’t do it. Those looking to get a piercing, don’t get your teacher involved. That is something for friends and family, if anybody.

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