Body Piercing Jewelry To Spice Up Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. Generally, Halloween is a holiday for kids. But us adults can have a lot of fun as well.

We throw parties. We drink. We eat. We socialize. It’s a great holiday for adults. And one of the most fun aspects is one that the kids enjoy, dressing up!

Dressing up allows us to be a little more carefree and less formal then what the world demands of us. We can be someone/something else for a night! TO be someone or something else, we generally dress up with unique pieces of clothing or combinations there of, makeup, and accessories such as hats, belts, fake swords, etc.

One thing that can really make your costume unique is jewelry. And if you have piercings you can go one step further. Hear are some of our more Halloween inspired items that will really make your costumes unique and great for making conversations. Just click the images to go to the product page!

Surgical Steel Blue Eyed Skull Barbell

Our skull barbell has a unique skull shaped ball head that has gems for eyes. We feel that this piece would be best served for a tongue piercing.

Pink Gem Surgical Steel Dangling Skull Belly Ring

Our skull belly ring would be a great compliment to the skull barbell. This one also has some gem eyes to help bring the skull alive. This skull dangles as well so it will bring you attention.

Red Gemmed Surgical Steel Medieval Crest Belly Ring

This next belly ring is a great piece of jewelry in that it can be used with so many different kinds of costumes. We call a medieval crest belly ring. This could go great with nearly old style or classy costume.

Surgical Steel Spider Labret

This spider labret just screams Halloween. This piece would definitely be great for the costumes such as the Elvira look, vampires, witches, and any costume that immediately comes to mind for Halloween. Rock this piece out and your friends are going to be wowed.

Spike Bar Nipple Jewelry

This piece and the next one may not be piercing jewelry that you might not normally thing to use to dress up for Halloween but we know there are those out there that like everything to be dressed up whether it is show or not. That being said here is our spike bar nipple jewelry. This again can fit with a wide variety of costumes. This would especially be good for dominatrix based costumes or costumes that scream TOUGH!

Gem Eyed Snake Nipple Jewelry

This nipple jewelry is something that we think is really cool. The snake nipple jewelry gives the impression of a snake going through the nipple. If this doesn’t say Halloween, we are not sure what does. This piece would be great for Egyptian themed costumes and maybe some other monster themed costumes.

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