Planning For New Products

Well if you have been paying attention at all, we really haven’t added any new products in awhile. This was due to a couple of factors. However, it was killing me to not get any more products to sterilize and list.

Well, that is about to change. End of October I will be making some orders to get some more body piercing jewelry. Some will be to help replenish some of our stock. Most of it all though will be to bring some new options to the table. And some of those options are going to be some of the best high end jewelry you can get. Don’t get me wrong, we strictly go for high quality jewelry. We have to otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sterilize it.

Getting high end jewelry isn’t cheap. In fact, these pieces are going to be much more expensive then what we currently have in stock. And we will maintain our wallet friendly stock and continue to get new pieces that maintain our quality standards while still being affordable.

Gorilla GlassGlass Heart Studio

One type of jewelry we have been wanting to get in stock is glass. Glass is a great material for sterilizing. And there are some great companies that are making some fantastic pieces. Three that we are looking into are Gorilla Glass, Glass Heart Studio, and and Glass Wear Studios.

Glass Wear Studios


This is where you come in, if you have a preference to one of the above let us know on our Facebook page. It is almost guaranteed that we will order Gorilla Glass. We would like to order from all three but this might not be in our initial budget. So if you guys have a preference, we will for sure order some from that preference.

There are a couple of other high end companies we are looking into for metal based piercing jewelry as well. We haven’t narrowed down to much on these though. But if you have a company you really like let us know on Facebook and we will look into getting some product from them. We can’t guarantee anything with these because some state they only sell to Piercing Studios. We will still make the attempt either way.

We are setup to handle brands of products. So when we do get these products, it will be easy to search for/find them.

We are pretty excited to expand even further with this and we have some other great ideas we are going to try out for promotions and other products as well. Should be an exciting time here at Pierced Edge!

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