Coming Soon: NoPull Piercing Discs

At Pierced Edge, we are always searching for and researching new products to list. Usually, we are looking new pieces of body piercing jewelry. But, we want to offer you everything that you might need related to your piercings.

We came across one product that we felt that anybody with a piercing might find value in. That is the NoPull Piercing Discs. They are essentially cushions for the backs of body jewelry so that less there is less irritation which also promotes healthy healing. They are made of medical grade FDA approved silicone and made right here in the United States.

The most common use for these are oral, labret, and cartilage piercings. They help prevent irritation from the backs of the body jewelry. They help prevent body jewelry from receding back into the piercing. They also have a great track record of healing hypertrophic scarring in cartilage piercings.

We will of course be adding our own touch to the piercing discs as we plan on offering all of them sterilized in the sealed sterilization pouches. That way you know you are getting a high quality sterile product that you know is safe to use. We should have these listed within the week. All we are waiting on is shipping which should mean that they will be in stock in the next couple of days.

We are extremely excited to be offering this product and even more so working with such a great company.

If you want to learn more, feel free to go the NoPull Piercing Co website at There is a little more information on their site about the product and some before and after pictures of the healing these discs have helped to promote.

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