Thank You Veterans!

Today is Veterans Day, a day we honor those that have served in the military to protect us from foreign threats and to maintain our freedoms. These brave men and women risk their lives so that we may continue to enjoy ours.

Know matter your stance on war and politics, I hope you can support the men and women as they are great people deep down and give up some of their luxuries for you! A simple thank you is more than enough to show them you care. Buying them a drink is a great way to compliment that thank you as well!

A side note, I would like to remind everyone that as this is a National United States holiday we will not be able to ship out any orders unfortunately as the postal system is down. We nearly exclusively use USPS as our shipping method. This is especially true for international orders. All orders WILL be shipped tomorrow.

That being said, Thank you Veterans and thank you current military personnel!

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