The Driving Tongue Piercing

I love technology. It is just amazing the things that are being innovated with the use of technology! Self driving cars. Glasses that can show you all sorts of details without a monitor. A warp drive could even be possible. Ya, maybe I am a nerd. So what?

“Wait a minute… Why is this guy talking about technology when this site is about piercings?” Well, some new technology makes a piercing ideal for real world usage. That piercing is the tongue piercing.

Basically, with the use of a magnetic field and a barbell tongue piercing, someone can drive a wheel chair without the use of any limbs. AMAZING! This is being worked on by a team at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is being called the Tongue Drive System. Basically, the barbell has a magnet on it and there is a headset that detects the movements of this barbell. This is sent to an iPod or a computer and this information is transformed into electric signals that can move a wheel chair in the direction desired.

This is turning into a huge improvement over other systems that make a wheelchair move without the use of limbs. This method is not only proving to be more reliable but also much easier to learn. And the system is being improve as we speak. They are working on a mouth retainer so a headset doesn’t even need to be worn.

This could be a huge help to those that don’t have the use of any of their limbs.

Next time someone tells you that piercings are dumb, bad, etc you now have proof otherwise!

Discovery has a pretty good article about this here

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