Eye Piercing Is Now Trending Apparently

Today I decided to search the news for any possible relevant stories to share with you guys and maybe throw in my $.02 as well. One article caught my eye stating that “Surgically Implanted Eye Jewelry Is The New Piercing.” This is posted on the ABC News website here.

Essentially the article is talking about a girl who got a platinum heart surgically implanted underneath the membrane of her eyeball. This was done by a legitimate doctor who’s character is being put into question into the article. The surgery was done in a room with glass walls so that people could watch the surgery.

But, I am not really here to talk about the article but about the idea behind the article and maybe to throw some ridicule at some of the comments that I read.

First, this sort of thing isn’t really “trending.” Every body is going out to do it. Most people seem to find it repulsive. The article states that after the news of this the doctor has received a couple inquiries about the surgery. By a couple, I mean four. And that right there is a ridiculously low number for it to be the “new piercing.”

Secondly, this isn’t the new piercing. This is an implant. There are so many different body modification implants right now and most people don’t classify them as piercings. Piercings pierce the skin but are not completely covered by skin. Implants are.

Also, this really isn’t new. Maybe fairly new for the US but this type of body mod had been done before and seems to be more popular in Europe. I have seen this body mod before. It is still rare to see, even where it is more “popular.”

And finally, I started reading the comments from other people. The general consensus was that this was stupid, disgusting, etc. Far from it. While it may not be desirable to some people, in the grand scheme of things this body mod really isn’t that bad. There are people essentially mutilating there bodies(sanding their teeth, cutting parts of their dick off, etc).

Would I get this done. Probably not. I don’t think messing with the eyes is a good idea personally. However, it doesn’t look bad and was done in a professional environment. And until it is proven that this completely unhealthy and dangerous, who is to criticize the very few people doing this.

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