Finally… Cartilage Earrings!

Today, finally, we have added a new category of body jewelry, Cartilage Earrings. It was quite silly of us to not have had any listed yet. These are typically used for Helix piercings.

Today we added just one. This one is also introducing a new brand that we are offering as well, DC Comics. DC Comics has introduced us to some pretty incredible heroes. You might know some of them; Flash, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern, Batman to name a few. However, today we have added some jewelry based on one of the most powerful superheroes, Superman.

That’s right, Superman Cartilage Earrings. These are a great way to showcase your love of the Man of Steel. These cartilage earrings are made of Surgical Steel and receive the Pierced Edge Autoclave Treatment. Just like the universe is safe with Superman’s help, your piercings will be safe with this piece of body jewelry!

Either hover over Shop on the menu and click Cartilage Piercings to find it, search for it, or just follow this link:

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