New Product: Diamond Surgical Steel Nose Jewelry

We have been talking on our social channels for some time now about getting some new jewelry in. Just before New Year’s we made a fairly big order of almost all new jewelry. We are going to start out the year with a bang.

Initially, the plan was to start listing them pretty much right after New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, a huge cold spout hit us. We had days -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The photo sessions we do for our product are done outside so it was just not feasible.

So today, we are starting to add the listings for the new products. First up, we have Surgical Steel L Bend nose jewelry. Most pieces of nose jewelry have a gem but few have a diamond. This one does!

We wanted to offer some higher end jewelry and this is the first step. This will be our most expensive piece for now. Diamond tends to be paired with gold or maybe silver. This is still made of 316L surgical steel  so it still makes it a candidate for initial piercings and most definitely healed piercings.

While still being a higher priced piece, it still isn’t outrageously expensive either.

And is the case with all the body jewelry we list, this one will come to you autoclave sterilized.

You can check it out here:

Also, keep a watch on our Facebook, Twitter, and blog as we will be adding new products nearly daily if not more.

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