Buy 3 NoPull Piercing Discs Get Free Shipping

We haven’t had to much news going on recently. Got our new camera but it has been so cold and windy that we haven’t been able to take any photos of the new product we have, might end up switching to an indoor shot – will have to see. And we haven’t had much other cool stuff going on. So let’s change it that.

The reason we started Pierced Edge was to provide sterile jewelry to give individuals the peace of mind in knowing that what they are getting is clean, safe, and of high quality. If it doesn’t make it through our autoclave, we won’t list it. One item that stands the rigors of the autoclave and also promotes healthy piercings is the NoPull Piercing Disc – Medical grade FDA approved silicone that makes those troubling piercings comfortable and helps heal scarring.

So, let’s throw a deal out there for these seemingly simple but miraculous little discs. Buy 3 Get Free Shipping! Just use the coupon code “nopull” at checkout to get the free shipping.

And don’t forget, these come to you autoclave sterilized so you can be sure that you can use them on any piercing.


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