Now Accepting Amazon Payments

Options are good. After all, not everybody uses the same thing all the time. The same goes for purchasing items. At a brick and mortar, someone may choose to pay in cash, check, credit card, gift card, etc. Online, the same can be true as well. Some of us just like to enter our card information and be done, more options for this coming soon to Pierced Edge. Some of us have a PayPal that we use for online purchases. And now, those who have an Amazon account can use that to make a purchase here as well.

This is great for those that already trust Amazon with their information and have it store there. At checkout or in the shopping cart, just click the “pay with amazon payments” button. A dialog box will pop up for you to login with Amazon and you can than make your purchase with your Amazon account.

None of the information for your Amazon account is saved on our servers so you can be sure you data is safe on our end.

We will continue to look for new options to add that make the payment process easier for more of our current and future customers. If you have a suggestion, feel free to contact us. We will look into any suggestion to see if it is a good fit for us.

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