Answering “Any Tips, Advice, Tools Needed For Doing A Piercing Ourselves” Properly

There is a certain organization that answers questions on its  blog from anyone that has one regarding piercing. Normally, you can find some awesome info and answers on this blog. But recently, they had a question that went something like “Me and a friend want to pierce each other. Is there anything specific we need and do you have any advice?” The reply started out alright and if worded properly would have been a respectable answer.

But, the answer soon became something that wasn’t as much informative as it was just the person answering the question to be a dick. This might have been a suitable way to answer the question on an individual basis, still sketchy, but answering like that on behalf of an organization is ridiculous and stupid. What made it worse was that even that answer was half assed. Apparently the only way to get something sterilized is to buy an autoclave. Weird, since everything we currently sell is sterilized and the customer doesn’t even need to buy one. And while we don’t care piercing tools, you can buy them from other retailers sterilized if you look hard enough.

Here is how a more properly written reply might go.

Hello anonymous,

I am glad you asked this question rather than just going ahead and doing it. There are a lot of factors to take into account when doing a piercing. If not done properly, there can and most likely will be serious health risks to the area getting pierced.

This is why I must advise you to go to a professional piercer. Any professional will have a portfolio to showcase your work so that you can verify their work is quality. You can also find an awesome list of qualified professional piercers in the APP Certified Member List. You can also talk with people locally that have piercings to get a good idea of who might be worth checking out.

Don’t let the upfront cost fool you. Getting a piercing done by a professional will help ensure a healthy piercing as they will guide you specifically on the healing process for the type of piercing you are getting, the steps for cleaning, and will always be there to help you resolve any future issues. And at the end of this post, you will see that really that professionally done piercing isn’t that expensive and will probably be the cheaper option.

Now if you still decide to do the piercings on your own you need to make sure everything is done in a clean environment and anything near the piercing or going into the new piercing is sterilized. You will need  any needles, clamps, or other tools that might come in contact with the skin to be autoclave sterilized. You could do this yourself but a typical steam autoclave will put you back about $3000. However, if you can locate a retailer that sterilizes items, they might sell everything you need already sterilized. There might be a premium price but it would be cheaper than buying an autoclave. Typically, you can expect to spend around $4-5 more per sterilized piece.

You will also need to make sure that the body jewelry piece you will be inserting is sterile as well. The piece should really be either titanium or niobium. You could get away with surgical steel but even that isn’t recommended. Nothing else should be used for a brand new piercing, PERIOD. And if you use a piece of jewelry that has threads, internal threads are highly suggested over external threads. External threads can cut and tear at the new piercing making the healing process longer and the chance of infection much higher. You can expect to pay somewhere around $20 for a piece matching this description. Most places charge $5 just to sterilize a piece of body jewelry. And you will want a high quality piece. You might be able to find something cheaper than $20(we do have some pieces that are below that would be suitable for new piercings but we also don’t charge for the sterilization process) but it won’t be easy.

You will need to sterilize the area getting pierced with iodine. You want to limit the risk of any germs or bacteria that might be nearby from finding their way in.

You will also need some medical gloves. Your skin should not be touching someone else’s skin near a piercing as there is always a risk of transferring germs or bacteria.

Figure everything needed without the autoclave and you can expect to spend a minimum of $30 to upwards of $100 per piercing. Chances are you can get that same piercing done by a professional for less or at least at a similar price without all the hassle and with A LOT more knowledge and experience behind it.

There you have it, nearly every scenario is just better if you go to a professional. If you still decide to do them on your own, be sure to do extensive research. Otherwise you might not only end up with a piercing that rejects the jewelry, but one that will have serious health problems. If that happens, that piercing can not only cause a lot more pain and suffering, but an expensive medical bill as well.

And there you have it, a much better response to a question. Not only is it more informative it also doesn’t make you sound like a pompous dick. Granted, this reply may be a little long winded but knowledge is power.

Sorry for the rant but a person from a professional organization should give a legitimate answer intelligently rather than giving a poorly done answer while being a dick.

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