We Got Plugs!

If you have been following us on the social medias, you will know we promised to start adding new products at the latest by today. Today, that promise has been followed through on.

And that promise finally brings some plugs to our product offerings. This is something we desperately wanted to add and finally have been able to make it happen. We will be trying to get this category full of options. For now, we have glass double flare or saddle plugs.

These plugs are mostly clear glass. They than have a front color to the clear glass. There are seven colors in total; Clear, Pearly Purple, Neon Green, Blue, Red, White, Black. They are available in sizes 8GA, 6GA, 4GA, 2GA, 0GA, 00GA, 7/16″, and 1/2″. As with all of our currently listed products, these are autoclave sterilized and delivered to you in their sterilization pouch. You are getting clean and safe body jewelry that you can safely use.

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