New Labret – Skull

This will be our last labret for the day. Three is a solid number to stop on anywho.

This labret features a skull. The skull is one symbol that has been used throughout history. It usually symbolizes death but can be danger, new life, darkness, or any number of ideas or concepts. Besides that, the skull is cool. Tattoos feature them all the time. Motorcycles can sometimes be riddled with them along with their drivers. Rock bands galore will feature them on the occasion.

If you like skulls, which I am sure you do, you will love this new labret. Made of surgical steel. Has internal threads. 16GA in thickness. 5/16″ in length. And sent through our autoclave. This is one piece you will want to add to your collection.

Check out the Internally Threaded Surgical Steel Skull!

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