New Labret – The Sparrow

Today, we present our newly listed labret, the Internally Threaded Surgical Steel Sparrow Labret.

The Sparrow makes a great image to represent in body jewelry. The Sparrow has been used as imagery in the Bible and in works by Shakespeare. It has its own hieroglyph. The sparrow was even associated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. The Sparrow can represent some pretty powerful words. Two of the main ones are freedom and love.

Besides the symbolism it offers, this piece of body jewelry is made to meet your standards. This piece is made of 316L Surgical Steel. Internal threads are used to appease even the pickiest and safety conscious of pierced individuals. Being a labret, you can use it a wide variety of piercings if you desire. And to top it off, we autoclave sterilize them so that you can be sure the body jewelry you are getting will not only look awesome but treat your piercing awesome as well.

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