New Labret – Surgical Steel Butterfly

Today is turning into Labret day for us here at Pierced Edge. Normally we only get one new listed body jewelry in a day and here we are, at number 2 with no intent at stopping here. We probably should have been just one blog post for the new products we are adding today but writing is fun.

This new labret features a Butterfly. Usually what comes to mind when we think of a butterfly is beauty. That is some excellent symbolism to throw on a piece of body jewelry.  And really, who doesn’t like butterflies? Even the most hardcore of men like butterflies.

This piece comes at you in 14GA and is 5/16″ long. It is made of surgical steel. And comes internally threaded. An excellent choice for any piercing. Oh and we throw it into the autoclave so that you receive not only an excellent piece of body jewelry, but a clean and sterile one because we love you.

Be sure to check out the Internally Threaded Surgical Steel Butterfly Labret.

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