Pierced Edge was created from the thought process that other body piercing jewelry sites either don’t look the part or are just unusable and that they could do more. That more we are talking about is sending out sterile body jewelry.

Some of us are extremely careful when it comes to putting things in our body. So, some of us would love to buy body jewelry that is sterilized. We go the extra mile by sterilizing our body jewelry and doing our best to make sure they stay sterile until you get your hands on them. We do not charge extra for this. This is just something that should be done!

NOT ALL BODY JEWELRY CAN BE STERILIZED. This is truly unfortunate. One of the big ones that can not be sterilized is Organic body jewelry. This includes wood, bone, etc.

Pierced Edge is for those that love body piercings and love the assurance that what they are getting is safe to use!