NoPull Piercing Disc Pair

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  1. Pierced Edge is now proud to offer NoPull Piercing Discs. The NoPull Piercing disc is a 7mm medical grade silicone disc that helps aide in healing of piercings as well as providing additional comfort to piercings that just are not as comfortable as you want them to be.

These discs fit on jewelry up to 12 GA in size but can be made to work with jewelry up about 6 GA in size. Going any bigger would prevent the disc from doing one of its jobs of making sure jewelry doesn't push itself back out through the piercing.

As with all our body jewelry, we sell these NoPull Piercing Discs sterilized in individual sterilization pouches. You are getting a clean and sterile product from us!

Price now includes 2 NoPull Piercing Discs!